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How Often Do You Bathe Your Dog?

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Dog Bath

Dogs can get stinky pretty quickly - for some of them all it takes is a short run outside. However, frequent baths aren’t a good idea for your pup. In fact, if you tend to bathe your dog weekly or every other week, it could be too often.

So, how often does your dog need to be bathed?

Dogs should be bathed every 2 to 3 months, even - unless otherwise recommended by your vet. Your pet’s skin is very sensitive, shampoos can contain chemicals - like fragrances, for example - that can be irritating when used excessively. While using a moisturizing shampoo can certainly help your dog’s skin - and keep it from drying out - it’s still not recommended for frequent use.

The natural oils that are on your dog’s skin help to keep their coat smooth, silky, and healthy. The more often your dog is bathed, the more natural oils are removed - which can leave their coat dry and brittle.

What About Dogs With Thick Coats?

Whether their coat is thick, thin, water-repellant, short, or long - they can benefit from less frequent baths. The only exception is when your dog’s coat is extra oily, and then you may want to bathe them a little more often - but, always consult with your vet first. If your vet thinks they could use a bath every other week (or sometimes, even more often than that), they’ll likely want to prescribe a medicated shampoo that won’t dry out their hair too much.

Keeping Them Clean Without Baths

The best way to ensure your dog stays clean without a bath is to brush them - and frequently! Not only does brushing help decrease the amount of hair your dog sheds, it can also help to remove that dirt and grime that you want to wash away with a bath (without stripping any natural oils from their skin).

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