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How to Entertain an Active Dog

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For dogs that have an abundance of energy, a daily walk isn’t enough to tire them out. If you’ve been noticing your dog has been “talking” more or acting more destructive, it may be a sign that they’re bored. We know not every dog owner can be home with their furry friends all day – there are even mentally and physically stimulating toys you can leave with your pet while you’re at work.

Recycle an Old Plastic Bottle

Almost everyone has these laying around the house somewhere – old plastic water bottles. Take the lid and the plastic ring off before giving it to your dog, though, as these can both be huge choking hazards. For serious chewers, you may want to put some sort of fabric around the bottle itself to try and protect your pup from any sharp plastic edges once they’ve already chewed it.

Slow Feeder Bowl

If you leave your pets food out for them during the day, investing in a slow feeder bowl could be a great source of entertainment for your pup. Some of these bowls have mazes throughout them where the food is placed between the walls – your dog has to eat around the maze in order to find their food. It’s great stimulation for their mind and it’s quite rewarding!

Treat Ball

Your dog will love treat balls! With some, your dog will have to chew the toy in order to find the treat. These are obviously great for dogs who tend to chew on things throughout the day. For others, your dog simply has to find out how to get the treat out of the ball.

Providing endless entertainment for an active dog isn’t always easy, but remember, a tired pup is a happy pup!

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