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Stop Scratching: Cure Your Pet's Itch

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With Spring right around the corner, we’re entering a season full of allergies - and our dogs are no strangers to allergyseason. Although your dog’s allergies won’t just cause him to sneeze or have a runny nose, they often lead to itchy skin - and lots of it.

If your pet is keeping you up at night because they can’t seem to quit scratching, it could be a reaction their skin is having to the newfound pollutants in the air, or maybe their skin is too dry. On the other hand - it could be fleas. The warmer weather creates the perfect environment for fleas to begin spreading, but it’s usually pretty easy to spot fleas. Even though they move quickly, you can typically find your dog’s fleas by using a flea comb and paying close attention to the areas they’ve been scratching. If you don’t notice any fleas, it’s likely allergies.

How to Keep Your Dog from Scratching

There are many ways you can try to cure your pup’s itch at home, before the condition worsens that is. If you’re beginning to notice patches of hair missing on your dog, it’s probably a good time for a vet visit.

Oatmeal Bath

Whether it’s homemade or store-bought baby oatmeal cereal, mixing some into a warm bath for your pup can take their irritation instantly away. You’ll probably notice it, too! This works well for allergies or fleas - even if your vet recommends some prescription medication, you can relieve your pet, momentarily at least, from the incessant scratching.

Vitamin E

The moisture that Vitamin E provides when applied topically (or taken orally) works wonders for dry skin in canines. There are several ways you can mix some Vitamin E into your dog’s daily routine; pour some into their bath water, give them capsules, or even massage it onto their skin for them!

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